Fruit & Vegetables (can be organic) and More....
.....Delivered straight to your door - by Banana-bob!

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Banana Bobs is a local fruit and vegetable delivery grocer with many many years experience in the supply of your finest fruits and vegetables. Based in Sheffield with over 25 years experience in the grocery and delivery trade supplying many a happy household with their fruit and veg on a weekly basis (or how often our customers like it).

Go green with your local grocer

Banana Bobs Vegetable and fruit delivery

You choose what vegetables and fruit you like, either a box we can put together from your favourites or a list created by you. Like a seasonal surprise? Choose what you like and what you don't like - and we'll deliver a box to you based on what's available.

Choose organic fruit and veg or none organic produce, the amount you would like to spend, frequency of your delivery and Banana Bobs will do the rest delivering great quality seasonal fruit and veg directly to your door. We also supply free range eggs!

Phone us on:

01246 810013
or 07745 105 128

Alternatively email us at

banana bobs order form
Download our order form here.
How to order?
1. Download the order form and print it out and fill it in.
- Unfortunately web based adoble acrobat browsers can't edit the online form.
So you will have to download Acrobat Reader (here) and install it on your PC or MAC. (FREE).
Acrobat viewer for your android phone (HERE)

2. Print it take a photograph / scan it and email it to us.

3. Text us your order to 07745 105 128 (remember to add your address!)

4. Print out the form and post it to us at:
Kenwood Park Farm, 23 Sheffield Road, Barlborough, Chesterfield S43 4TW.

5. Just give us a ring and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.